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Dato: 2019-5-24

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The recent work

The recent work is really terrible. In 2016, the economy has not been so prosperous. I want to change my job and change my environment. I feel like this when I am wronged. But I can't think so soon, because I live in the company's single-person dormitory. If I leave the company, I will still provide such a treatment with my current ability [url= http://www.cigarettestype.com/marlboro-red-cigarettes_c3]Marlboro Cigarettes[/url]. Everyday commute is very close to the bus, two or three minutes to go to work, do not have to eat fast food outside every day [url= http://www.cigarettees.com/]Newport 100S[/url], you can cook after work, and so on. I thought that I had to hold back and continue to work in this company for almost five years. I started as a production clerk, and later made a purchase. I continued to be a production clerk after purchasing, and now I am also a warehouse clerk. However, the procurement staff often take time off, I have to do the work she has taken leave, I am tired. When I am not doing well, I will be told by my boss that I feel so sad. I really want to leave this place, but I can't leave. When there are always a few days of unhappy every month, this year��s miserable time, the company��s office engineering clerk has resigned and her work boss has arranged for me to do it. The reason is that I am familiar with her work and it is easy to do. I am almost going crazy, why have I been so sad? The husband said: "You will say that you are willing to do it [url= http://www.cigarettestype.com/marlboro-red-cigarettes_c3]Online Cigarettes[/url], or you will pay off your salary." This year our company's funds are particularly tight, always dragging wages. The boss is also a headache, but there is no way to do things at work because of the work. I can't afford to do other things every day. The self-study is also stranded, and the accounting books have not been read. One day, it was going to rain when I got off work. I found that the road was running very fast. I knew they were afraid of getting wet. I often have a lot of puzzles and would like to ask the boss: "Why are everyone in the office more comfortable than me? No one is forcing them to do other jobs besides doing their jobs and they are all one person, but I am Do you want to do it?" I want to ask a few times, but I still didn't ask. When she saw her, she just smiled and said that it was not long before the company closed down. Everyone left with their own things. The boss called me and asked if I would like to go to work at her friend��s company. The salary will not be less than the current one. I think this is true in my heart? I was looking for a few days of work and looking tired. I didn't find a suitable one. I decided to go to her friend to try it. Not long after I went to work, the boss appreciated my work. Because of the high efficiency of my work, a person can handle a lot of positions, and more importantly, the ability to learn is very strong, and the ability to adapt to the environment is very strong. I am secretly happy to see that some of my colleagues have found a job, and some are still looking for work outside. Think about it before, every day thinking about doing things in an orderly manner, reasonable arrangements, try not to drag the day's work to the next day to complete, try to finish before work. After six years, I have developed a habit. I only have a job in my heart. I want to finish my work as soon as possible. I don��t have a mobile phone chat. Only work may be like life. The road is flat, and the heart is not on the goal. Only when I walk on the road with thorns can I sharpen my mind. I have learned a lot from this company. Although I have a lot of work, I have been learning and learning a lot of things in order to improve my work efficiency. People do a lot of things are forced out, the workload is too big, you will think about how to go fast and good. On the one hand [url= http://www.cigarettees.com/]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url], it can achieve the goal, on the other hand, it can save time, leaving more time to do the work of what you want to do. It is so difficult to do the work. Rugged roads are not the biggest obstacle to the goal. A person's mind is the key to success. As long as the lights in the heart are not extinguished, even if the road ahead is difficult [url= http://www.cigarettestype.com/marlboro-red-cigarettes_c3]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], the future is bright! On the rainy road, people run very fast because they no longer appreciate the scenery along the way, but hurry to reach their destination. On the way forward, if there is no obstacle without obstacles, people are more likely to lose themselves.

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