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ee a small woman

ee a small woman wearing a small dress. Shoes. Although this beautiful legend is not enough, but the famous figures in the hometown have been reduced since then, people are convinced that the folks of the Southerners will step on the ground and the northerners will see the sky. Even so, people still I hope that the champion stone, someone specially invited the stonemason to engrave the name at the foot of the champion stone for the descendants who are going to school, and hope to bring good luck. Now, go back on the road near the "Zhuangyuan Stone" At that time, let me think about a lot, Xu Xiangyuan is far from the Changling slope, on its hill is a place called "Little Stone Gate", which is a strange stone gate naturally formed in the soil layer, like a "Small archway" is the only way for Shandong Qingzhou to Dengzhou to take the exam and go to court. This mountain gate is very strange. The left door handles a huge stone like a ghost. The right door is like a "face stone". The old man who bowed his back, the hometown people called it "pot of stone", there is a square stone under the stone waist, the hometown people and the guests who come and go are often tired here. When you get here [url= http://www.cigarettestype.com/marlboro-red-cigarettes_c3]Online Cigarettes[/url], you want to sit down and take a bag. Smoke, Chang Shu a fresh mountain air, very comfortable, feel a lot easier, when I stayed here, I did not feel long-eyed, surrounded by mountains, the natural stone door in the middle became a thoroughfare, I could not help but sigh Naturally, there is such a fortune. Unconsciously, my heart is full of thoughts and my thoughts are very good. In a few kilometers away, there is also a "Dashimen", which is opposite to "Xiaoshimen" and forms a peculiar natural barrier. One It��s the place where I am fascinated and fascinated. This time I went back to my hometown road, but I saw that this magical ��Little Stone Gate�� was gone. It was probably destroyed artificially, leaving some regrets. The depth of thought is only beautiful for its past. Imprinted, go along the way to the "Longwan Reservoir" direction, there is a mountain spring on the roadside is particularly commendable, this mountain spring no matter how dry the weather, never dried up, spring water, day and night flowing. Because of the magic of the mountain spring, attracted A beautiful folklore and mythology. A version that has been circulated more is about the dragon prince practicing in Laolong Bay and finally returning to the story. It is said that a long time ago, the four princes of the Dragon King of the East China Sea broke the family and aroused the Dragon King. Furious, in a rage, expelled the Dragon Prince out of the house and fined him to the remote place of Laolongwan. He said that this dragon prince came here and worked hard every day, and he was exhausted. One day, he felt tired and hungry. When I was careful, I found out that I had a clear spring [url= http://www.cigarettees.com/]Cigarettes Online[/url]. Later, this dragon prince became a fairy, and this mountain spring was also called "Shen Xianquan." In order to commemorate the Dragon Prince, a long time ago, a dragon temple was built on the mountainside. The incense was very popular. In the 1990s, the village was rebuilt, the Dragon King Temple, the majestic temple outside the temple. Spectacular, the temple is carved with dragons and dragons, vividly depicting the myths and legends of Laolongwan. In 1994, the village organization rushed to the Laolongwan temple fair. On the 19th and 9th of the lunar calendar, the people came to the temple fair. Endless, incense is constantly, has become a beautiful scenery in Laolong Bay. The eye spring is not only a "spring" of myths and legends, but also a good spring for the benefit of the people. The spring is clear and sweet, and the legend can cure all diseases. The grass is thirsty and tired. I drink a sweet spring water and drink it. It is sweet and sweet to my heart. I feel refreshed and refreshed. I feel that I have strength. I am walking on this road, the strange fairy spring. It is also a whimsical feeling, and there is a mysterious story in the vicinity of this fairy spring. I often heard from the old man in my hometown that many years ago, there was a drinker in the village. In the bay, I went to the village in Xiama Village on the other side of the mountain. The relatives were very good at serving. He was also happy to drink. When he was drinking and drinking, he would be dark. He would drink again in the evening and drink almost. He said that he would go. The guests stayed in the house for a long time, and he was afraid of his family��s worries. He insisted on going. At first, it was quite smooth, but when I arrived at the road near the spring mountain in Laolong Bay, I heard the sound of Lahuqin here, and then listened [url= http://www.cigarettestype.com/marlboro-red-cigarettes_c3]Parliament Cigarettes[/url], not only The sound of Lahuqin, and the sound of the faint instrument. He thought, how can there be Lahuqin in the darkness of the barren hills and mountains? The more you think, the more you are afraid, the more you fear, the more you think, the more you are scared, the more you pull your legs. Just ran, when I got home, my head went to sleep, but I didn��t sleep well until dawn. Some people didn��t believe it, but they also went there to listen to it at night, and they heard similar sounds, one pass ten, ten pass hundred, pass more Now, mysterious now, when I am on this road, I seem to have a new understanding of this mysterious legend. I think this is a musical sound like water hitting a concave stone, especially When it��s late at night, it sounds special. Clear, it is more like the sound of music, but now this mysterious legend is gradually indifferent, do not need to explain too much on the road of "Longwan Reservoir", while walking, thinking, not knowing, go Into the Laolong Bay, the eye-catching is the orchard on both sides of the road. When you reach the tall and beautiful archway, people enter a beautiful realm. A relative is here to watch the door, meet us, and greet enthusiastically. And opened the mountain gate, walked not far, and went to the parking lot. When you got down from the car and looked up, the Longwan Reservoir dam stood in front of you. This dam is a realistic result of reform and opening up, bathing the party. In the spring breeze of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, the hometown pilots began to wake up, making full use of the Fengshui treasure land of Laolongwan, investing 670,000 yuan, which lasted for 4 years and built a water storage capacity of 350,000 cubic meters. The large reservoir of 21.6 meters and dam length of 164 meters is known as ��the largest plastic anti-seepage reservoir in the village level��. The former Minister of State Water Resources, Hou Jie, and the former Shandong Provincial Governor Zhao Zhihao praised it. ,more On the side of benefiting the hometown, this reservoir is a monument to the people of the hometown and a monument to the hearts of the people. Leisurely walking on the magnificent reservoir dam, it is as proud as standing on the Three Gorges Dam. It really has the beautiful imagination of ��Gaoxia Out of Pinghu��. It looks like a bright and open, full of green mountains and green waters, and the mountains are lush. Just like walking around in beautiful landscape paintings, I am so intoxicated. My wife changed the posture on the dam. I also changed the angle. I wiped and rubbed the photos constantly, and instantly fixed this beautiful scenery. I smiled and said to my wife: "It is a mountain [url= http://www.cigarettees.com/]Carton Of Cigarettes[/url]. Meishui beauty is more beautiful!�� The wife smiled. I felt more beautiful. Then I lifted up the beautiful dam and went down the road. I also climbed the ladder. We chose to go down the ladder. The layers of the dam are beautiful and spectacular, and the dam is in sight. Underneath the dam, there is a fairy bridge, an octagonal pool, and the majestic appearance of the two dragons. The unique shape and uniqueness make it a wonderful dream. When I was standing on the dam of Laolongwan Reservoir, I thought more than once and twice. If I stood under the dam during the flood season, the feeling would be even better. I can watch the beautiful waterfall of more than 21 meters. Listening to the sound of the flowing water, from time to time, water droplets are blown to the face by the wind, cool, and the mood is very good! The Longwan Reservoir is really beautiful, it is a step by step. Nowadays, I am still immersed in the beautiful delusions, let me miss, make me fascinated, no, it has entered my heart [url= http://www.usa-cigarette.com/]Marlboro Lights[/url], walked into my dream and re-routed my hometown, let me see the changes in my hometown. I feel a modern and civilized atmosphere. My hometown is on the road, and I am advancing on the road of building a new socialist countryside. I have also seen the beauty of my hometown, I am gratified, and there are also man-made insufficiency. I am sentimental. Re-take the hometown road, let me harvest a lot...

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