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Dato: 2018-4-10

jenner M Tilmeldt: apr 2018
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Kill 50 ZE Collossi - Display Bug?


Can anyone verify if there is a display bug in the second quest line for eternal weapons? The announcer, for me, was always 2 ZE Bosses ahead of the quest tracker. So like I would kill ZE Boss and it would display message on my screen 48/50 Collossi killed. But the Quest tracker would say 46/50 Collossi killed. So when the announcer said I had reached 50 the quest tracker said I had 48. I killed two more and the announcer corrected it self but prior to that it definitely was two ahead of the quest tracker.I don't think it, the quest tracker, is counting that Boss at the end of the Cracking Xarth's Skull. Not Hexa..something. But the one you have to beat to get to Hexa...something. Dexa..something? Sorry really bad with names.

Please help.

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