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Dato: 2021-1-28

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You are using the CCB at frosts/slayer.

You are using the CCB at <a href=" https://www.winrsgold.com/">RuneScape gold</a> frosts/slayer. Frosts is a good 2m/hr. CCB lasts 10+ hours so a 2m fix is actually nothing. On many tasks you may acquire wayyyyy more than the amount of cash lost in fees. I can say my rapier looses 0-1percent / job meaning a mere 20k. Literally nothing in comparison to what you'll make in even 1 drop. Get the CCB you are going to use it in place of a RCB everywhere but you'll not rigour everywhere.

I piety every task. Any reason not to use rigour? (Actually, there's reason: Range does not acquire decent prayer bonus gear like Proselyte, if I need prayer bonus I must undermine, e.g. Sw cape for Ava's, Split D-tooth for ranging amulet...) CCB would be well worth it at Frosts if I can get maybe a 1-2 min increase in rate per run. I know it would be useful, but I am just wondering whether Rigour would be better. Oh, and I usually pick up bolts even if wearing Ava's Alerter (not knives though). The excess cost/hit of disorderly will be noticable, as Ava's does nothing to reduce that cost. Still not completely convinced yet, but I will be picking what to get soon as I struck 90 Dg.

I was reconsidering getting back into slayer coaching and im now wondering what equipment I must purchase. The equipment I have I know for a fact would not help me with my tasks. Helm of neitnoz, glory, torags platebody, bgs, dragon legs and boots, along with a regen.

In addition, for tasks which I would require a shield spot, I would use the old armor set up using a whip and also whatever the shield would have to be. If it will help, the entire amout of cash I have without selling the bgs is about 2.8mil. Please feel free to suggest changes to this. I suggest saving points for a Slayer Helmet. It is quite helpful and together with addons it may be utilized for Maging/Ranging tasks as well. I would Eliminate the BGS, and Purchase a Whip/Ss. Depends on in the event that you're training Attack/Def or Strength. A Chaotic Rapier might be used for all 3 in the event that you want to buy it. I used this again when I was a lesser level.If you accumulated absorption potions and overloads the sole boss that can kill you will be tainted lizardman. You should deactivate him he won't have the ability to kill you. There are also other bosses that can be difficult to kill but should be active because they give nice bonus points. However if you are maxed on points and <a href=" https://www.winrsgold.com/">Best OSRS Gold site</a> want to get an easier time in dreams deactivate them.

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